Holus Bolus BooksAt HOLUS BOLUS BOOKS we love all things books! We love writing them, illustrating them, designing them creating them, and above all reading them. We love books of all types, but are particularly in love with kids books right now!

Book Creation

Holus Bolus Books was created by Rachel Barnett as a platform to publish her own books. Upon nearing the completion of her book, There’s a Crocodile on the Golf Course, and looking at options for publishing, Rachel found that there was limited information and support out IMG_0508there for Australian based authors who wanted to DIY their book.

Sharing and networking

A long learning journey followed, and we were hooked ‘holus-bolus’. This resulted in the creation of Holus Bolus Books, primarily to self publish, but also to create networks and support others on their own journey.  We love hearing from and sharing with those who are interested in creating books, no matter what stage they are at.

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