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Darwin Visits!

Hi All,

Croco and I are heading off very soon for the Darwin Launch of ‘There’s a Crocodile on the Golf Course’. We are very excited to be attending a number of events at a few different places around town and having the opportunity to share Croco’s story with people in Darwin. Events are listed below:


Friday 3rd March 10:30 – 11:30am
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Book Reading and Signing

Saturday 4th March – 11:00am – 1:00pm
Meet the Author and Book Signing
The Bookshop, Darwin

Monday 6th March – 10am
Meet the Author / Storytime
Casuarina Library

Tuesday 7th March – 10am
Meet the Author / Storytime
Palmerston Library

Thursday 9th March – 10.30am
Meet the Author / Storytime
Taminmin Community Library

Click here to view or purchase There’s a Crocodile on the Golf Course.

Alyangula Book Launch and Kids Fun Day!

Thanks to everyone who came down last Sunday for the launch of “There’s a Crocodile on the Golf Course” & “There’s a Crocodile on the Golf Course Colouring Book.”

It was a big day and I loved seeing everyone having a good time, especially the kids!

We got lots of photos of the day and a bit of video too, and rather than try to upload them all separately, I have made a short video of the day. Take a look to check out how it went.

It really was a lot of fun!

Books are now available at the following places:

  • Alyangula Golf Club
  • Alyangula Newsagent and Kiosk
  • The Bookshop, Darwin
  • Museum and Art Gallery Northern Territory
  • Crocosaurus Cove
  • Drummond Golf Darwin
  • JB Books

and of course you can still purchase direct from our website.

Happy Days!

Rach x


The anticipation is killing me!

Wow! How awesome are you guys? So many of you have shown excitement about my book ‘There’s a Crocodile on the Golf Course’. I feel very lucky and thrilled to be sharing it finally!

So, I was given some very exciting news… I could be getting the first lot of books within the next week or two! Of course, the official release date is still February, but I can’t wait to receive them as that means I can start getting them out to people who have pre-ordered sooner! I do have to admit that I am also feeling a little nervous…

Here's to calm seas and beautiful sunsets...

Here’s to calm seas and beautiful sunsets…

So to distract myself for a few days I am joining half of the Alyangula population out on the water for the GEGSFC 30th Annual Billfish Comp. I, like all of the other fishing enthusiasts (and there are A LOT of us here on Groote Eylandt, most more dedicated than me) will be hoping to catch a few Sailfish or Marlin and, of course, take out the competition!

Normally, my fishing time includes reading, writing and numerous naps, but I am pretty sure that my regular fishing style won’t cut it this weekend!

Here’s hoping for calm seas and beautiful sunsets.

Good luck to all of the other competitors, and I hope that I can post a picture with a billfish in it soon, as well as some more crocodiles… just to break it up a bit!

Happy Days!


Welcome to Our Website!

It is so exciting to be launching this website, Holus Bolus Books! Mainly this is because it means that I have finally figured out how to put a website together… but more on that later maybe.

What a big month it has been! Melbourne Cup, Halloween (I am including this as it all rolls into one this time of year) and my boys 5th birthday, fishing competitions, hubby’s birthday… and a few other events in between. I feel like I need to go and lie down for a week now to recover, but that is just not going to happen…

Receiving the advanced copies is just a bit exciting!

Receiving the advanced copies is just a bit exciting!

And now for the REALLY exciting news, I received the advanced copies of There’s a Crocodile on the Golf Course last week! Do you know how exciting it is to hold one of the first copies of your first book in your hands?!

Oh, and the smell of a freshly printed book…

It has been a steep learning curve, and it’s one that I’m still on, but it’s nice to finally have a copy or two.

It’s not due to be released until February, however. There is still a lot to do! But… drum roll please… pre orders are now open! For those who pre order before February, a 20% discount will apply. Just order through this website, and enter the code PREORDER, or Contact Us here.

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that the books will be ready by Christmas. I am still looking at options to try to make this happen if the first lot of books arrive soon enough… you never know but I can’t make any promises!

In the meantime, feel free to take a look around the website, see what we are all about and share with your friends if you think they’d be interested. We hope you like our website. We’d love your feedback! Oh, and if you want to be kept up to date with our news (eg. official release dates, the Launch Party!!) subscribe below or keep up via our Facebook page.

Now I’m off to (hopefully) catch a billfish or two…

Happy days!


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